Lancashire Shop Fronts is a local shop front company in Widnes known for the installation of aluminium and glass shop fronts. Our team knows the importance of a good-looking shop front for your business. A well-maintained shop front brings in potential customers to your premises. We are a 20+-year-old shop front company in Widnes that makes sure that your store stands out from the rest in every possible way. Our team of installers works closely with you to ensure that everything is done in compliance with industrial standards to give maximum safety to our clients.

All our designing takes place keeping in mind our client’s needs and demands. Our professionals before starting the work process, sit with the clients and discuss the budget. No matter the size of your place, we make sure to deliver you an installation that will definitely increase the customer traffic in your store and generate profits. If at any point in time, you are getting a lower price for any installation from our competitors, you can talk to us.

Reasons for hiring a shop front company in Widnes-


When you hire a shop front company in Widnes, you are getting in touch with a team with a lot of experience. At Lancashire Shop Fronts, we have an experience of over 20+ years. This is reflected in our work as we come up with shop front installation exactly in the same manner that you have imagined. Customer satisfaction is a priority for us, and we aim in maintaining lifelong relations with our clients.

Updated technology

A shop front company in Widnes uses the latest technology when it comes to shop front installation. When you hire a reliable company, they will make use of their skills and equipment and come up with a high-quality installation for you. We at Lancashire Shop Fronts are in this business for the long run, which implies that we will be using the newest equipment and techniques when it comes to your shop front installation.


If you work with a reputed shop front company in Widnes, you can take a back seat and relax. This is because they will make full use of their skills and knowledge in delivering you a top-notch installation. At Lancashire Shop Fronts, our team works tirelessly to turn your dream project into reality.

So, next time whenever you go for a shop front company in Widnes make sure you make the right choice.