Automatic Sliding Doors Installation

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    Automatic Sliding Doors Installation

    An apt installation for areas with a lot of in-and-fro movement is automatic sliding door installation. They are one of the most convenient installations and offer benefits such as energy savings, security, and more. One of the main reasons for their increasing demand is that automatic sliding door installation is available in a wide range of color options and can be customised according to the needs and requirements of our clients. Automatic sliding doors come in a wide variety of shapes and designs that can match your surroundings. 

    At Lancashire Shop Fronts, we have more than 20+ years of experience in the installation of automatic doors on your premises. Our team ensures that the installation is done as per the specifications given by our clients and that each and every detail is kept in mind. We keep the budget of our clients in mind and come up with an installation that is according to their requirements. 

    Automatic Sliding Doors Installation | Affordable Price

    Advantages Of Automatic Sliding Door Installation

    Design Options

    One of the main advantages of automatic sliding doors is that they are available in a wide range of colours and designs. You can easily customize your automatic door installation, and make sure that it matches your premises. Furthermore, such an installation is long-lasting and tough, protecting your property for a long time.


    As the name suggests, automatic doors do not require any type of human effort. With time, they will be in high demand because of their convenience of operation. Such an installation is perfect for the elderly or handicapped individuals. They are best for places that require the easy movement of luggage or children with full ease. 

    Safety and Security

     When it comes to the safety and security of your property, then there is no better option than automatic sliding door installation. You can also go for some additional locks that can keep your premises protected for a long time. They are manufactured according to the highest standards of quality and safety. 

    Why Choose Us For Automatic Sliding Door Installation?

    Timely Delivery

    One of the major benefits of choosing us for automatic sliding door installation is that we offer on-time delivery of all our products. Our time management ensures that the installation is delivered on time and according to the specifications provided by our clients. 

    Experienced Team

    When you work with Lancashire Shop Fronts, then you can take a back seat and relax, as an experienced team will be working with you. Our installers have been working in this field for a long time and have full knowledge of matters related to this thing.

    Latest Tools And Technology

    We use the best quality tools and technology for the installation and design of all our doors. We ensure that all the government-set guidelines are followed so that the installation is of the finest quality. 

    Our automatic sliding doors are very simple to install and easy to operate. All materials that we use in our installation are of prime quality. Each and every installation is rust-free as we use superior-quality aluminium. Such an installation is perfect for areas that have a lot of movement of individuals and materials. Sometimes, the doors have an airtight function, so that dust and dirt don’t enter your premises. 

    So, for the best automatic sliding doors installation, get in touch with us today.