We welcome you to Lancashire Shop Fronts, a local Manchester Company that prides itself on producing top-quality aluminium as well as glass shop fronts to meet your needs and requirements. Lancashire Shop Fronts provide high-end frameless toughened glass shop fronts which are extensively used for full display showrooms, entrances, and offices.

Our fully equipped workshop and highly experienced team will provide you with custom and bespoke designed glass shop fronts in Manchester. No matter how big or small your enterprise is, such an installation will increase the value of your premises. Also, our team of professionals will work closely with you and help you in choosing the right glass shop front installation in Manchester.

We design all glass frameless solutions incorporating today’s requirements for clarity of vision, security, and entrance flexibility. We are never knowingly beaten on price for a similar quality product, so please feel free to talk to us if you think you have received a lower quote from someone else.

Benefits of Installing Glass Shop Fronts in Manchester:

Glass shop fronts are generally classified into two major types – Toughened and Frameless. Toughened glass is prepared with multiple layers of heated and cooled glass. This increases its strength and durability, making it a very sturdy shop front. Frameless glass shop fronts deliver a clean look. Its minimal design blends perfectly with modern architecture and allows natural light to pass through, thus, maximizing visibility. It can be used as window fronts, entrance fronts, screen fronts, frameless slides, and fold fronts.

Glass shop fronts installation gives you added advantage over your competitors. It not only makes your business attractive and pleasing but also increases customer footfall. A stunning entrance attracts people and can be easily used for all types of businesses. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages.

Stunning Design: The aesthetic quality of a glass shop front is unmatched. Modern and contemporary businesses mostly use frameless glass shop fronts along with glass doors to attract more customers.

Ideal for Every Business: No matter what kind of business you run, a glass shop front can never go out of fashion. A shop front installer can easily customise it according to the shape and size of your premises. It also increases the visibility of the store and acts as round a clock advertising medium. Glass allows you to display your products and encourages window shopping. It can often translate into more footfalls and sales.

Best Tool for Brand Development: Shop fronts installation can be your best tool for brand development. It is the ideal way to display the latest merchandise and if you have your name etched on the glass sliding doors, it will showcase your brand name throughout the year.

Easy to Maintain: Maintenance is never an issue with a glass shop front. It can be easily wiped and cleaned, saving both time and money. Besides, it is not corrosive and can withstand harsh weather conditions.

Choice of Style and Design: Different types of glass can be used to enhance the design of your shop front. Your shop front installer can guide you about the latest trends, helping you to choose the best varieties. In keeping with the overall design, sliding glass doors can also be conveniently fitted to the shop front.

Lancashire Shop Fronts is a one-stop solution for all your shop fronts installation requirements. Get in touch with our experts now for the best services like “Glass Shop Fronts Manchester”. We are ready to work 24/7, offering you the best installation projects within your budget. Trust our reliable service and rest assured about maximum savings as we do not burden you with hidden charges.

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