Modern Shop Fronts Leicester

No doubt the first thing that your potential customers will notice about your store is your shop front installation. That is why we at Lancashire Shop Fronts, offer some amazing Shop Fronts Leicester to set your store apart from the rest. This way, customers are compelled to enter your premises and make a purchase from your store.

Our trained experts make sure that we deliver the best installation for your premises, that goes with the interior and exterior of your premises and keeps your property secured at all times. If you are looking for shop fronts Leicester, then we are there to help you out in the best manner possible.

At Lancashire Shop Fronts, our installers will come up with a shop front design that is according to your needs and requirements. We offer aluminium and glass shop front installation in Leicester for your premises at a cost-effective price.

Aluminium Shop Fronts

One of the most common choices of metals for shop fronts is aluminium. This is because aluminium is a lightweight material and the strongest material known when it comes to shop front installation.

When you have aluminium shop fronts, intruders will not try to step inside your premises in any way, as breaking an aluminium shop front installation is not at all possible.

Along with this, the major advantage of choosing aluminium shop fronts is that you don’t have to go for regular repairs and maintenance to make sure that your store is safe and secure.

Glass Shop Fronts 

To give a modern and aesthetic look to your store, choosing glass shop fronts is the right thing to do for your premises.

When you choose this type of installation, there is a free flow of natural light on your premises, which creates a comfortable and warm atmosphere for your employees as well as customers.

With such an installation on your premises, you don’t have to engage in any other type of advertising activity to promote your store. This is because glass shop fronts have the potential to do the advertising on their own. 

How Is A Well-Designed Shop Front Leicester Beneficial For Your Business?

Setting up your business is not an easy task, but the most difficult part is choosing the right type of shop front installation for your premises.

The appropriate shop front installation will make sure that your store stands apart from the rest and give it an all-new look. Shop fronts Leicester play a major role in building the image of your brand and helping to generate sales for your business.

When you have the right type of shop front installation, then it will also be beneficial for the property owners when they think of selling off their property.

Along with this, shop fronts add value to your store. Our shop front fitters are trained enough to provide the best type of installation on your premises.

Our designers will sit down with you and come up with a plan that is best suited for both parties. Even if you need assistance after the installation is done, our experts will be right beside you to help you out.


At Lancashire Shop Fronts, we never compromise on the quality of the material used in our shop fronts Leicester. We use the best and high-grade material in every installation.

We make sure that the work is completed well before time and that our clients are happy with the final product delivered to them.

We make certain that each shop front in Leicester is distinct from the others. In case of any doubts, feel free to reach out to us today.