Multinational hubs and corporate facades that are considering an exceptional aesthetic makeover can leverage the look and appeal that curtain walling solutions offer. Besides adding flair to any building, the non-structural cladding system also has excellent insulation properties and is thermal-efficient. It also provides an additional layer of protection to the exterior, reducing building sways considerably.

If you are considering installing curtain walling in Leeds, it is crucial to hire a professional. Only a professional curtain walling company has the expertise and resources to ensure smooth and precise installation to augment the look and sophistication of any building. However, before you hire, discussed here are 4 crucial things that you should know about curtain wall installers in Leeds.

  1. Do They Have Experience in Curtain Wall Installation?

This is one of the most vital things you should know about a curtain wall installer. That is because installing the cladding system, especially in skyscrapers, needs the utmost professionalism and accuracy. Only a company that has vast experience in this field can achieve the level of precision and workmanship it requires. Also, ensure their market credibility and check customer reviews before hiring them.

  1. Are They Licensed and Insured? 

Curtain walling installation is a complex process and often requires getting a permit from local building authorities. The work also demands exceptional talent and involves a high level of risk when performing non-structural cladding in high-rise buildings. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the company is fully licensed to perform curtain wall installation and has insurance to cover any sort of perils involved in the process. A licensed and insured company ensures complete peace of mind in terms of quality of work and risk mitigation.

  1. Safety Measures 

Since installing curtain walling in Leeds may involve various types of risks, ensure the company takes ample safety measures. If required, talk to them regarding what kind of precautions they take when performing the job. For example, seasoned curtain wall installers often use scaffolding. That not only ensures high-precision deliverables but also enhanced safety, particularly for skyscrapers.

  1. What is the Curtain Walling Material they use? 

This is another vital thing you should know about your curtain wall installer in Leeds. Premier curtain walling companies ensure high levels of safety with aluminium curtain wall framing, stainless steel, rubber gaskets, glazing, and metal & insulation connections.

If you want to hire a professional curtain wall installer Leeds, Lancashire Shop Fronts is a name you can rely upon. They have vast experience, talent, and resources to ensure high levels of quality and precision for curtain walling in Leeds.